14th October 2021


Wavin Push-fit Hep2O is a flexible push fit plumbing system developed for domestic potable water, hot & cold plumbing along with central heating or underfloor heating applications.

For the last 40 years Wavin Push-fit plumbing systems (Irish Acorn) have been at the forefront of plumbing in Ireland. 
Since 2011 the Wavin Hep2O plumbing system with a 50year guarantee along with many patented features enabling quick and easy installation is the no1 choice for many plumbers. Wavin Push-fit Hep2O is a white pipe that comes both in Imperial (½”, ¾” and 1”) and Metric (15mm,22mm and 28mm) sizes and the wrapping is colour coded for ease of identification.  The pipe is available in 6m straight lengths or coils. and is fully compatible with copper.  

A unique characteristic of Wavin Push-fit Hep2O pipe coil is its remarkable ability to remain straight once uncoiled-‘lay flat’ pipe technology. This unique characteristic is a result of the material used which is Polybutylene (PB).  PB has very different properties to Cross-linked Polyethylene (PEX).  PEX pipe is relatively stiff and when taken from the coil retains a ‘spring’ like quality, which can make it difficult to work with, particularly on long runs and installations through joists or floors. The Hep2O (PB) pipe has great flexibility, good impact resistance, an operating temperature to 95°C and pressure resistance of 6 bar.

Wavin’s In4Sure patented feature ensures installer confidence with a simple insert, twist and feel the rumble for leak free connections which are tamper proof. The  HepKey demounting system enables total flexibility for any system adjustments.

The Wavin Hep2O Smart Sleeve Pipe support is made from 316 stainless steel, with a low insertion force, maintains the rigidity of the pipe within the fitting and provides the joint recognition. Also the thinner wall insert enables greater flow rates at the fittings.
Wavin Push-fit Hep2O  meets the requirements of Class S of BS 7291, parts 1 and 2 and is manufactured within a Quality Management System which satisfies EN ISO 9002. It is also approved by WRAS – deemed safe for use in the supply of drinking water.

To obtain a free sample pack go to www.wavin.com/en-ie/hep2o-brand and for further information contact the Wavin Technical Design team projects.ie@wavin.com


Denise Maguire   Editor of Irish Construction Industry Magazine & Plan Magazine

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