To be a top construction company in Irish Construction Industry Magazine’s Top Companies listing means far more than just a rank and position in an ordered catalogue of names. To us, it means that your efforts to be the best you can be and to excel in your industry and sector have been effective and have paid dividends. To us, it means that your determination and commitment to develop and instil a positive work culture and environment have brought your business due success. We see it as your company being a supportive and inclusive place in which to work that strives to bring the best out of everyone across every level of the organisation.

We believe this to be true no matter the size and complexity of your business. Taking the time to engage with us in compiling the 2022 special listing also speaks volumes to us as we sense the pride you have in your business and we applaud your wish to communicate this to your employees, peers and clients. We believe there is nowhere better to do this than in our publication.

People admire companies that respect themselves, their employees, business partners and clients. Putting yourself forward to be viewed and judged by our considerable readership is a commendable step and we see it as very much part of a your bigger commitment to business standards and compliance, Corporate Social Responsibility, company and employee welfare and of course, customer service excellence.

In producing the 2022 Top Companies Listing, we want to give you an insight into business performance determined by the only accurate and indisputable benchmark – financial and turnover results. But we also give you so much more. Key management details, product and services descriptions and essential contact information – an invaluable business tool at your easy disposal.

Commentary this year will include analysis and insights to put context on the listings. Articles on the big ticket items like business development, CSR, sustainability, short term and long terms business development strategies as well as drives and plans to meet and overcome market challenges will feature.

Our thanks as always goes to so many of you that take the time to do your homework and provide information for the listings and the accompanying editorial.

Please don’t forget to send us news of your business successes, appointments and product developments so we can promote you in the best possible way to your peers and clients in your magazine.

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