Delivering brand new classrooms for 750 students at Queensferry High School, PATTRESS PLUS is a newly launched, specially designed pattressing panel from MEDITE SMARTPLY. For use in partition walls, it’s fully tested to the relevant sections of BS5234 Part 2 demonstrating high pull-out strength to ensure the safe hanging of heavy fixtures, such as chalk and pen boards.
Commenting on the project, Aiden Keyes, Procurement Manager at Keyes Brothers Construction, who completed the project, said: “We were very familiar with the reputation of MEDITE SMARTPLY, the manufacturer of PATTRESS PLUS, so, when we heard about the product from building materials supplier Thornbridge Sawmills, who stock SMARTPLY, we decided to use it for this project.

“It’s proven to be a supreme quality product – structurally sound, safe and a huge time saver. We want to ensure we deliver the best possible work and results to all our clients and while we have always been confident in the SMARTPLY brand, PATTRESS PLUS has been a real winner. We will definitely be using it again.”

While PATTRESS PLUS was developed to save contractors and dryliners time and reduce the noise and dust generated by cutting panels to size on site, it’s especially suitable for a school interior application as it is manufactured with zero added formaldehyde. This makes it much safer for interiors where VOCs must be kept to a minimum, such as schools, as well as hospitals and museums.

Pre-rebated for a safe and speedy installation, PATTRESS PLUS comes in thicknesses of 15mm and 18mm and in sizes ranging from 1250mm by 397mm to 2397mm by 597mm. It’s precisely cut to perfectly fit into the ‘C’ shaped studs used to hold pattresses in place in the wall, and has been found to save up to five minutes per panel installed—over a largescale project, that’s hours of labour and money saved.

“There is also a big ongoing initiative among industry professionals to reduce the amount of power tools used on site to help reduce noise and dust and improve safety,” Aiden said. “We really want to drive this initiative as a company and PATTRESS PLUS has tangibly helped us to do this.”
One of 23 secondary schools run by the City of Edinburgh Council, it was decided that after serving as one of the main community schools since 1970, Queensferry High School was to be completely updated with a brand-new building to replace the one currently in use. With an extensive catchment area covering four primary schools, all materials used to fit out the new build had to be top quality, guaranteed to last and had to be installed relatively quickly, ensuring term could start on time.

“To ensure we had a constant, adequate supply of PATTRESS PLUS for this project, we originally ordered six pallets of the panels and had a rolling agreement with James Latham in Glasgow, our supplier, to deliver our weekly requirements. Our MEDITE SMARTPLY sales representative was really helpful with coming up with this arrangement,” Aiden said.

Smartply Pattress Plus is precut to two easy to handle lengths. Fixing snugly between the studs, the boards are pre-grooved to allow the stud flange to slot into one side. Holding it steady, you simply screw the other to the angle on the next stud. As it’s pre-cut to the exact stud centre and pre-grooved to accept the stud flange, you reduce the dust, noise, power tools and the amount of fixings needed, getting the job done quicker. When comparing OSB to plywood, you have the peace of mind of knowing there will be no knots, gaps or voids, maintaining the excellent strength these applications demand.