Layher System Scaffolding exhibited at the recently held Ploughing Championships in Laois

Do you remember where you were from September 20th to September 22nd? If you ask the Layher System Scaffolding team, they will be able to pinpoint their exact location! Layher System Scaffolding recently had the opportunity to exhibit at the 91st National Ploughing Championship. This year’s event was held in Ratheniska, Co Laois. Over the course of the three days, there were approximately 277,000 spectators and 1,700 exhibitors in attendance. There was a great atmosphere at the event and everywhere you looked, there was music and entertainment.


The Layher stand was an impressive sight constructed entirely using Layher material, from the ceiling and the floorboards to the wall cassettes. The roof used is known as the ‘Layher Keder Roof XL’. This type of roof is generally used during the construction of additional storeys to existing buildings and for repairs of existing roof coverings. It is also a great use for weather protection for new structures, refurbishment work on motorways and bridges and a wide variety of applications for events and festivals.

When designing the stand, there were numerous factors to consider. The design concept considered local weather conditions and health & safety standards required by the organisers. As a result of these requirements, kentledge blocks were used to stabilise this freestanding temporary roof structure for the duration of the championships. To enclose the interior of the stand, the ‘Layher Protect Panel’ wall system was used. This allowed for an attractive external appearance and the use of translucent protect panels also allowed for natural light to brighten up the internal space.

At the rear of the structure, there was an additional light door element implemented for access. The light door element was lockable and allowed for a completely closed deck area. When discussing Layher’s attendance at this event, the team stressed how important it was that the stand be accessible to all attendees. Keeping this in mind, the stand was constructed with two entrances. One side offered a wheelchair accessible ramp and the other side with steps. This was also an opportunity to showcase the possibilities that using Layher can provide.

Internally, the Layher Event decking system was used to complete the structure. The components of the event decking system make up a construction kit allowing for uses including the building of a small podium for fashion shows and music performances or for giant concert stages. The parts are weatherproof thanks to the use of aluminium, hot-dip galvanized steel and coated plywood panels. On uneven surfaces, the Layher Allround podiums are easily adaptable. The permissible loading capacity of the podium surface is up to 7.5 kN/m².

Other systems on show were the Layher’s range of mobile towers. The Solo Tower from Layher is a small rolling tower that can be assembled quickly, safely and easily by a single person, up to a working height of 6.15m.

Another tower which was exhibited and received huge interest was The Zifa tower. This tower is practically a “ready-made tower” for working at low heights. It can be folded together flat for storage and transport. The only assembly required is to fold it out and insert the decks. The max working height for this tower 7.76m. Inside of the stand, there was plenty to see. Audio visual presentations on a variety of products and success stories garnered great interest by all attendees.

Overall, Layhers’ presence
at the National Ploughing Championships was a great success. Staff thoroughly enjoyed getting to meet and talk to people from all over the world and look forward to coming back with an even bigger and better presence next year!



Denise Maguire   Editor of Irish Construction Industry Magazine & Plan Magazine