Brian Parker, National Business Manager at Liffey Distributors talks to irish Construction Industry Magazine about Husqvarna’s innovative product range and how it has evolved to meet the changing needs of the industry

When a job is too strenuous, challenging or time-consuming for human workers, the Husqvarna DXR series, 3-phase electric robots are the ideal workmates

Can you tell me a little about Husqvarna and it’s relevance to the Irish construction industry?
Husqvarna are a 330 year old company (older than Guinness) and despite everything we manufacturer, we are traditionally associated with Chainsaw (forestry) and Automowers (robotic automatic lawnmowers).
Ironically Forestry Saw sales (which have never been bigger and continue to grow) account for less than 6% of our total turnover and yet our single biggest selling Saw is a Concrete Saw (The Husqvarna K770 with 12” Diamond Disc).
Husqvarna Construction in Ireland is bigger business than Husqvarna Forestry and we are the market leader in forestry machinery in Ireland.

A high capacity concrete power trowel designed to deal with big challenges, powered by a reliable Honda engine

Describe the construction products range and what’s included in it?
Husqvarna Construction encompasses Compaction Equipment, Concrete and Diamond Tool placement equipment, Surface Preparation Tools, Drilling Tools, Dust and Slurry Management units, Wall, Wire AND Floor Saws. The portfolio of Husqvarna Construction products also includes, Masonry and Tile

Sawing equipment, Screeds and Trowels (including Ride On) our Handheld Power Cutting Range, Battery Products, Diamond Tools (Cores and Discs) and my personal favourite, a Range of remote demolition Robots and Tools.

FS 3500 G is a self-propelled floor saw ideal for small to medium patch and service jobs. Equipped with a 27.5 kW Kohler gasoline engine

What are the most recent additions to the range and how do they benefit the modern construction professional?
We are a world wide leader when it comes to equipment and diamond tools for the construction and stone industries and provide professionals all over the world with efficient and reliable equipment and just one of our recent additions, is a digital Fleet Management system that allows our customers make better decisions and unleash the full potential of their machine fleet.

A lightweight power cutter for dry cutting and has the power and all qualities of the standard K 770 while adding the benefit of dust extraction

How have products from Husqvarna evolved to meet the changing needs of the industry and have sustainable elements been incorporated into your products?
Husqvarna Ireland started in 1970. Our Husqvarna range of machinery then was exclusively petrol and diesel based. 60% of everything we sell today is electric or battery. It will be 80% by the end of 2025.

To protect you and your team from dust exposure, to reduce unnecessary wear and tear on your equipment, and to minimise clean-up time, dust and slurry has to be removed safely and efficiently

What are the core attributes of the product range and why do they appeal to construction professionals?
Husqvarna Tools are born from a unique relationship between man, machine and nature, between our company and the dedicated people who use our equipment and who need the very best tools and machines to achieve the very best results. Our machines are built tough, but are lighter, more comfortable to handle and easier to use. We believe that it is our job, to make our customers better and make sure that they can get the job done, smarter, easier and more efficient and safe than ever.

Our modern FS 5000 D is a powerful diesel walk-behind floor saw with low emissions compliant with Tier 4 and Stage V regulations

What additional services do you offer the construction industry?
Husqvarna Ireland has in the last 12 months increased our workforce and resources by a minimum of 20% with the construction industry at the forefront of our thinking and how we can serve them better. We want to meet and introduce ourselves to everyone in the Construction industry in Ireland, from those involved in Floor Preparation to Drilling to Demolition. We want to visit with Utility companies, Concrete Manufacturers and Hire Companies and share our enthusiasm for what we do, with those that do and work together for the mutual benefit of all.

A lightweight battery power cutter with low vibrations and user-friendly ergonomics. The excellent power-to-weight ratio makes it a versatile addition for lighter land or hardscaping jobs

Denise Maguire   Editor of Irish Construction Industry Magazine