28th November 2021


John Sisk & Son has expanded its EV (electric vehicle) fleet, becoming one of the first companies in Ireland to receive a consignment of 10 new Volkswagen ID.3 electric cars. This builds on Sisk’s wider investment in EVs announced in 2019 and bolsters its commitment to invest €2.8 million
to extend its fleet of EVs to 100 over four years. Sisk is now offering more EVs as a choice to its employees than traditional internal combustion engines.


The average CO2 emissions of the cars available on Sisk’s fleet list is now 53% lower compared to its fleet list 18 months ago.Tom Grant, Director of Assets and Internal Services, John Sisk & Son said: “This is a great milestone for Sisk and demonstrates our commitment to EVs and reducing our carbon footprint. Sisk has made a significant investment in this area as we believe in a sustainable approach to how we deliver our projects. We anticipate a 50% uptake in EVs in FY20 fleet renewals and we are aiming to reach 75% of our vehicle choice being EV in FY21.”

Denise Maguire   Editor of Irish Construction Industry Magazine

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