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Unit 9A Plato Business Park Damastown, Dublin 15
Main contact Craig Stoker
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MACCAFERRI Ltd profile
Traditionally known as the market
leader in gabions and Reno mattresses,
Maccaferri has extended its product range
significantly in recent years. Maccaferri
Ireland Ltd is the Irish arm of the Bologna,
Italy based Maccaferri Industrial Group.
Supported by its UK and Ireland Headquarters
in Oxford, Maccaferri Ireland Ltd specialises in:

  • Retaining Structures
  • Erosion Protection
  • Slope Reinforcement
  • Pavement Reinforcement
  • Basal Platforms

Despite having 25 factories around the world, at Maccaferri Ireland, we are not just material suppliers to the construction industry. We add value to your project team by offering sound engineering solutions with in-depth technical and design support for our products. Our experience in soil bioengineering and vegetation techniques enables us to enhance the environmental aspect of your project.

We offer design support, value engineering, technical advice and where appropriate, indemnified design and construction services.

Retaining Walls: With our specialist knowledge and comprehensive product range Maccaferri is uniquely able to offer a product to suit your retaining structure requirements and budget. Our solutions include: Gabions, Timber Crib and MacWall, our dry-laid segmental concrete blockwork system.

Erosion Protection: Maccaferri offers a graded logical range of erosion protection techniques from soil bio-engineering and low energy solutions through to robust high-energy capacity revetments that can withstand the most severe storm. These systems can also often be revegetated, softening the environmental impact of the solution.

Slope Reinforcement: Slope Reinforcement can be achieved in many ways. Where the soil or ground is not inherently stable it will be prone to failure; the performance of the existing soils needs to be improved. Maccaferri’s geogrids are used to reinforce the soils within embankments or slopes. By offering a wide range of geogrids, we can select a grid that works best with the soils on your project. We endeavour to reuse site won materials as backfill, embracing sustainability and reducing truck movements.

Pavement Reinforcement: We offer solutions to reinforce asphalt bound pavements as well as granular subgrades over soft soils. Our RoadMesh product, placed within the upper bound layers of the pavement significantly improve reflective cracking, rutting and shearing, extending the fatigue life of pavements. Our stiff biaxial polymer geogrids are also used over soft ground, on haul roads and beneath car-parks, reducing differential settlement and reducing granular material requirements.

Basal Platforms: Very high strength geogrids and geotextiles of up to 1250kN/m are used in these demanding applications. These products are used at the heart of a piled embankment to increase pile spacing thereby reducing pile requirements, or on embankments over soft soils where differential settlement is to be reduced.

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Erosion Protection
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