Let the new DXR range redefine the potential of the one who operates them – You.

Your potential is our driving force. It inspires us to design technology that develops your professional skills. You know exactly how to get the job done – and our solutions let you to do it smarter, safer and with new levels of power. We’re proud to present a whole new range of Husqvarna DXR robots that give you much more than power. Get ready to experience control like never before.


For full confidence


Precision and safer operations are important. With its all-new remote control, our new range gives you freedom and full control, even at longer distances. Take your skills to a whole new level.MORE POWER

When you need it
The new DXR range gives you much more than the power you need – it empowers you with more confidence and trust to help you get the job done.


DXR – more power and control in good harmony.
Our new DXR robots are the tools that enable you to work more efficiently. To help you achieve this, we’ve optimised the available power for work in hot and demanding environments and developed an all-new remote control. In combination with the skills you already have, our new machines will provide more power, more control and ultimately, high quality results. Let the new DXR range redefine the potential of the person operating them – you.

The new DXR range:

Increased power and performance across all our four DXR models*.
A high-tech remote control unit facilitates more ergonomic and intuitive operation.
All models are third party certified in regards to safety, EMC and functional safety.
Global service and support organisation at the forefront of the construction industry.

*) Compared to our precursor models.


Denise Maguire   Editor of Irish Construction Industry Magazine & Plan Magazine