As part of Fosroc’s celebration of 50 years in Ireland, the campaign will reference a series of project case studies where Fosroc systems have been used in recent years up to present day.

The first of these is refurbishment of the terrace at Downpatrick Racecourse.

The works were carried out in November 2020 as part of a wider facelift plan for the site, which included a new winners’ enclosure and ambulance track around the course, amongst other improvements. Fosroc’s Nitodek FS flooring system was used with Renderoc HB45 repair mortar and Nitoseal MS600 joint sealant.


Downpatrick Racecourse’s first race meeting was originally held over 300 years ago in 1685 at the old grounds a few miles down the road from where it is situated today. The current racecourse itself is a tight undulating track of 11/4 miles and is Northern Ireland’s most prestigious racecourse. With years of activity and adverse weather the current exposed, precast concrete terrace was worn and in need of refurbishment and an aesthetic face lift. Rails set into masonry were rusting causing some localised spalling, and water was leaking into the undercroft from the longitudinal and vertical joints, as well as from the joints around the steel columns.

Minor repairs were completed using Renderoc HB45 and Nitoseal MS600 was used to re-seal joints. The terraces were then prepared and Nitodek FS PMMA deck surfacing system was applied throughout. This quickly resolved the leaking joints by providing a flexible seal. The smart new surface immediately enhanced the appearance of the whole structure.


The Fosroc Nitodek FS System brought a wide range of benefits to both the contractor and the client. The system can be quickly applied and is fast curing (<60 mins per layer), keeping disruption to a minimum and facilitating a rapid return to service. The Fosroc specification team were fully involved and engaged in the project from initial design and technical meetings through to completion, providing support at every stage. This helped to ensure the smooth-running of the project, and adherence to the agreed timescales.


Following the correct preparation with Renderoc HB45 and Nitoseal MS600, the Nitodek FS System provided a fully waterproof, flexible and durable surface, with a safe non-slip finish. The consistent, texturised surface will help safeguard spectators against accidents (think winners’ champagne spillages!) and the superior durability will protect the exposed terraces from high footfall-related wear and tear and weather damage for many years to come. The client was highly appreciative and complimentary of the service provided by Fosroc, with positive feedback given on completion of the project.


Denise Maguire   Editor of Irish Construction Industry Magazine & Plan Magazine