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• Manual and Automatic Revolving Doors Systemsboonedam3pics
• High Security Door Systems
• Automatic Sliding/Swing/Folding Door Systems
• Security Barriers
• Perimeter Barriers including Turnstiles
• Vehicle Barriers
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Service & Maintenance – Geraldine O’Connor.

Revolving Doors Systems
Boon Edam has a proud heritage of producing energy efficient products. For over 100 years, our Revolving Doors have been helping conserve energy by reducing building energy loss and prevention draughts. We can advise on the best door solution for your project with full Drawing, Design and Implementation

Security Access Systems
Boon Edam has an answer to the growing demand for security products and can offer a comprehensive range of security access control products. All products authorise only one person at a time to enter. Even though each situation requires its own specific solution, Boon Edam has an answer to every situation.

Automatic Sliding/Swing/Folding Door Systems
The high degree of comfort provided by an automatic door not only enables the opening of the passageways but also guarantees that they are always reliably closed. Doors that are automatically and conveniently opened, without requiring the slightest contact, make our everyday lives a little easier, whereas the effortless automatic closing of the doors creates a sense of well-being and security. Service & Maintenance At Boon Edam we do not stop when we have sold you the product. Our Service Department will give you the cover and comfort of knowing continued safe entrance operation is readily to hand. As our entrance products are often installed at main entrances and high security areas, we recognise that professional installation and rapid response times in the event of a breakdown are essential.

Green initiatives and products
All Boon Edam manufacturing and sales companies operate a programmed of green initiatives, targeting energy efficiency, prevention of pollution, recycling and waste management.

The Boon Edam products are suitable for Hotels, Restaurants, Hospitals, Office Buildings, Libraries, Shopping Centres, Schools, Government Buildings, Public Buildings, Banks, Airports, Leisure Centres, Supermarkets and Shopping Malls.

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