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Bauder has been providing superior flat roofing and waterproofing systems in Ireland and the United Kingdom for over 30 years and is noted throughout the industry for its unrivalled service and complete client satisfaction.

Consistently proven to be the leader in flat roof technology, our portfolio ensures each solution meets the requirements for every project. Our technical staff have a highly respected reputation for exceptional customer care, providing advice on waterproofing and drainage issues, thermal calculations and condensation risk analysis.

Our long established, fully integrated systems incorporate SBS elastomeric bitumen-based membranes and highly efficient PIR insulation, whilst patented methods of installation on many of the membranes removes the need for hot bitumen boilers on site and reduces the amount of naked flame required. Ideally suited for both new build and refurbishment projects, they provide exceptional performance, durability and versatility.

Bauder Total Roof System
Airtech (Flame free installation)
BauderTHERM ‘Stripes’ (refurbishment overlay)

Bauder has been installing green roofs for over 30 years giving clients the security that every project is delivered with knowledge and expertise. We provide a complete package of waterproofing systems and associated landscaping components to ensure every green roof from the most complex of rooftop gardens to the simplest low maintenance environmental greening will always be reliable. We deliver:

Intensive green roofs
Extensive green roofs
Biodiversity and brown roofs

As the first environmentally friendly hot melt rubberised bitumen system, this monolithic waterproofing is ideal for paved or ballasted roofs, car parks, podiums and plazas, green roofs and substructures. This robust system is made from 25% post- consumer recycled content and is designed as a flexible system that remains ‘live’ so that minor penetrations will self heal, ensuring the roof lasts the lifetime of the building.

Bauder’s single ply flexible polyolefin (FPO) or more traditional PVC roofing systems are the ultimate choice for lightweight, fast track and cost effective waterproofing. The systems are installed using hot air welding techniques with mechanical fastenings or adhesive bonding. This system is ideal in highly frequented areas or where use of a flame is inappropriate. BauderSOLAR The BauderSOLAR SOLfixx is the first PV system for flat roofs that has its module and substructure integrated into one unit. The system is installed without penetration of the waterproofing with the PV modules at an inclination of 10° for maximum yield per m² of roof area. Additional benefits: simple and fast, plug-and-play, tool-free installation.

At Bauder, we pride ourselves on providing the best service to all our clients, creating a collaborative partnership to ensure an open exchange and absolute confidence throughout the project.

When considering a Bauder roof we strive to ensure that all potential clients receive the best service and advice. Our ‘No Obligation’, industry renowned specification and report package includes extensive analysis, recommendations and detailed designs.

For any roof to be passed for our guarantee, the installation must reach the standards expected which are achieved through the combination of fully trained Approved Contractors and rigorous inspections completed throughout the roofing program.

The guarantee is issued as standard on all Bauder installations, subject to the terms and conditions, with no minimum roof size or contract value required to qualify for the guarantee.


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