EasyTrack GPS has come a long way since it began working with Topcon in 2015. Starting off with relatively simple laser level products, the company which offers a dedicated tracking service for fleet, farm and plant vehicles has recently become the biggest independent Topcon dealer in Ireland. Due to the success of the partnership, EasyTrack GPS was announced as the winner of the Geopositioning Award at Topcon Xperience 2019.

Mark Egan, Managing Director of EasyTrack GPS, views the successful partnership they’ve established as one of a number of success stories for the business over the last few years.
Coupled with exceptional customer service, which Mark and his team provide through dedicated on and off-site support and product tuition, the addition of Topcon technology is why EasyTrack’s construction customers will continue to benefit from a digitised future.

“We have used Topcon technology for nearly four years and have recently become Topcon’s biggest independent dealer in Ireland. When we first started acquiring Topcon equipment, we started with relatively simple laser level products such as the RL-H4C, RL-SV2S and the X14. Through training with Declan Byrne, Sales Engineer at Topcon Ireland, we have become more familiar with high level products, such as the LN-100, the DS Series, HiPer V and the Falcon 8 drone. This has been integral to our business model and is a key reason for us winning the award as we have been passing on this high level of knowledge and expertise to our customers, which enabled us to develop a strong and loyal customer base, and is extremely important to us as a business.

“Two years ago, we purchased the Topcon LN-100 because we realised how beneficial and valuable it could be to our customers.”

The LN-100 Layout Navigator is a one button self-levelling 3D positioning system which blends laser technologies and robotic total station technologies to create a precise 3D layout, and the latest way to perform construction and BIM layout.

Customers are able to simply control the LN-100 with either the full-capability MAGNET Field data collection software or on a free to download app called MAGNET Construct, similar to Magnet Field it also allows for setting out and AS built surveying.

“We invested in the LN-100 because the price was right, and we knew the software is simple and easy to use after our training with Declan, not only that but the product itself is easily upgradable. Most people bought this fully kitted, or like in the case of McGrath Plant & Agri Hire, who recently purchased the LN-100 Layout Navigator and HiPer SR GPS Receiver paired with the Rugged 7” Tablet FC-5000 from us.

“A big part of our service and offering is that the device comes with Magnet Field software which is so easy to use and straight forward. We hold intricate demos with our customers and have sold lots of units in Ireland as a result of this. A relatively inexperienced customer with no surveying background can use the customer support provided through ourselves and Topcon to do a complete surveying job without too much experience. That’s one of the reasons why the product has been so successful for us.”

EasyTrack GPS’s customer base stretches from agriculture customers looking for entry level GPS, to construction customers looking to increase accuracy on projects. Not only has Topcon technology helped to improve efficiency on projects, it has significantly improved cost and time savings.

“We advise and pair up customers with the best product for them. On the agricultural side my customers notice around a 10% savings in cost straight away, the more efficient technology means that productivity is increased, costs are saved on labour and customers are able to increase yield through more accurate results. The savings are not just limited to agriculture, in construction my customers have noticed huge savings and the level of accuracy required could not be achieved without the use of Topcon total stations. On road projects, Topcon machine control eliminates the need for an engineer to check the work and the use of robotic total stations means that a two-man project can now be a one-man project”

One of EasyTrack’s biggest customers, McGrath Plant and Agri, has been hiring Topcon equipment through the firm for four years. Since using Topcon technology, its increased efficiencies have enabled the company to make savings of up to €450 a day.

Colin McGrath, owner of McGrath Plant and Agri, explains why the partnership with EasyTrack GPS has been so successful and how the LN-100 improved the workflow: “Last year I was using a scale ruler and a tape measure and getting people in to set out, I don’t know how we coped without the LN-100, we’re saving a lot of money with it, it’s like having your laptop on site. You can create points, lines and drawings directly on site and with the in-built wi-fi on the controller you can have stuff emailed to you in the field without the need to call back to the office, it’s great.
“Two of my groundworkers are confident to work with it in the field, once the drawing is loaded on the controller, they can take it out of the office and mark out their own works. When you’re setting it up, you just press one button and it self-levels. It’s not like the old days, when you were twisting knobs and working with bubbles. And if it’s knocked off level, it tells you.

“The system is also very clear and simple to use. You receive great support from Topcon and they offer you all the training you require. The guys at Topcon can also remotely connect to the system should the need arise, giving us peace of mind and quick support. If there are any problems, Mark will sort it out. He will answer the phone at 12 o’clock at night and sort you out. You have the full support of Topcon behind Mark too, so you have top-class service”, adds Colin.

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Denise Maguire        
Editor of Irish Construction Industry Magazine