The Roofing Safety Bar Company is based on an invention created by Darragh Canny and Sean Keogh of St Patrick’s Classical School in Navan allows roofers to work safely without restricting the capability for work as it aims to stop falls from roofs during work.

After getting in contact with the Patents Office in Kilkenny they organized to meet Darragh and Sean in their school. They researched both the Irish and European patent databases and they found no registered patents that were similar to their idea and that the product was patentable.

“Falling from heights accounts for a significant amount of deaths in the workplace. The inspiration for the idea came from the first-hand experience Darragh and Sean had from their construction and farming backgrounds. We both had summer jobs involved in construction and agriculture. We saw the safety measures that exist but we realised once you go up on a scaffold you are incredibly vulnerable,” said Darragh.

“To date the company was exhibited in the BT Young Scientist Exhibition in the RDS Dublin, which was a great experience. We were selected to showcase our product on the Late Late Show where we were interviewed by Ryan Tubridy live on RTE television,” say the two lads.

Essentially, the Roofing Safety Bar is a new and innovative product which allows roofers to work freely, safely and efficiently on roofs. Our product allows roofers to slide along the roof while being safely attached to our Roofing Safety Bar. The product has been designed so that no specialist equipment is needed to put it together. It is also designed so that it is strong enough for more than one roofer at a time to get the work done smoothly, safely and efficiently.

The Roofing Safety Bar has been used on housing developments in Tallaght, Dublin over the last few months in and is now in use on two different sites down in Limerick. The company have so far sold over 60 units of the product and when in use, it is put up when needed on the roof and taken down when the roof is finished.