KCC Architectural are well known players in the provision of architectural and construction-related products including door hardware, fire-rated glazing, automatic doors and access control systems in addition to an in-house service and maintenance division that operates across all sectors nationwide.

As the business continues to grow, they strive to meet the needs of their clients and customers by providing an impressive portfolio of their own and internationally-recognised brands. Selo has become increasingly popular for their riser door systems and concealed frame interior doorsets since KCC introduced them to the Irish market and KCC are now delighted to bring another innovative and stylish Selo door system to the market which provides polished aesthetics, incredible functionality and effective space-saving properties.

Like the other products designed and manufactured by Selo, their pocket doors are born from the belief that it should be simple – so their design team have created systems that complement architectural design, are highly functional and are quick and easy to install.

What is a pocket door?
John O Gorman, Associate Director with KCC is heavily involved with the Selo product range and tells us “A pocket door is a sliding door that disappears when fully open, into a compartment in the adjacent wall. They are perfect for areas where space is at a premium and from an interior design perspective, they create a sleek and seamless finish that could not be achieved with standard swing doors.”

The ‘Enigma’ Range
Selo named their pocket sliding door “Enigma” – the product is fire and acoustic rated, and forms its own cavity, requiring no additional clearance. It works so that a structural opening twice the door width is formed, into which the Enigma pocket door system fits. The cavity is formed by plated aluminium profiles that are plaster boarded over together with the rest of the wall for an ‘invisible’ finish.

The Enigma has 3 different frame designs and a 4 door leaf finishes manufactured from high-density solid timber core using the latest CNC technology.

Commercial, Residential and Hotels
“The versatility of the Enigma range means it is ideally suited for the commercial, residential, hotel and care home sectors”, says John. “Selo seem to have grasped their clients’ desire for clean lines and functional aesthetics and they have successfully transformed that understanding into an extremely impressive, minimalist and modern product range that has yet to disappoint – our clients love it”, John tells us.


Available now
The Enigma range is simple to install, strong and offered in a range of designs and a great addition to the KCC range.