KCC’s latest innovation will take months of preparation and groundwork off your desk.

KCC Architectural, a leading supplier of architectural products and services to the Construction Industry has always prided itself on the level of service it provides to its clients. Managing Director, Chris Kilpatrick, said “Our clients and customers have always been a key factor in our business direction and our decisions over the years to acquire new and innovative products. Like every business looking to grow and survive, we listen to what our customers need, what their ‘sticking’ points are and how we can help make their jobs and lives easier. This ethos runs through the company and is at the core of everything we do. When we look at potential acquisitions or partnerships, we ask ourselves, ‘what value will this bring to our clients?’”.

KCC has continued to launch new and innovative products to the industry over the last few years. More recently their Datastore system (a database of individual datasheets along with all certification and compliance information on every single product they sell) made headlines for simplifying the lives of architects and designers across Ireland, the UK and the Middle East. In typical KCC fashion however, they wanted to enhance this offering even further and their eagerly anticipated “360” program is now available.

Associate Director John O’Gorman and New Product Director Steve Young have been working with architectural clients over the last few months and they are now excited to begin rolling it out to a wider audience.

Even an untrained eye can see the level of work and investment that has gone into this system, and the enormous benefits to the intended users.

“360 is an innovative, cutting-edge design software which KCC have been working on in the background for the last two years”, O’Gorman tells us. “The beauty of this system lies in its apparent outward simplicity, but also in the clients understanding of the mountain of background work that this will suddenly alleviate”, he says.

“For medium and large-scale projects especially, the amount of ground work required to gather every single piece of technical information, all certificates, all fire-test information, all BIM information and all Revit models is colossal. It’s tedious and time-consuming, and in a world where construction is booming we knew that any innovation or system that could take this pain away, would be welcomed with open arms”.

KCC’s 360 program takes architectural project PDF floorplan and creates a full project schedule and technical submittal, covering multiple product ranges such as door hardware, automatics (e.g. revolving doors, sliding doors etc), access control systems, fire screens, steel doors and risers, to name a few. This provides the architect with absolutely everything they need in terms of product datasheets and specifications, certification and fire-test evidence, and everything they require to ensure they are fully compliant with BC(A)R regulations.
KCC supply this information in a format that is easy to use and understand with colour-coded indicators and an affiliated floorplan, product diagrams and functional schematics, all carefully designed and created with the end user in mind and with the intention of making everything as simple and as straight-forward as possible.

“This system is going to be of huge interest to architects and contractors working on projects with multiple product-requirements. If you take a typical large-scale commercial development for example, you’re going to require internal and external automatic doors, access control, steel doors, hardware, fire screens, riser door systems, ventilation and signage at a glance, even before you consider more specific requirements. 360 will give you all of this in one, easy-to-follow and reliable technical submittal, and essentially take months of preparation and groundwork off your desk”, O’Gorman says.