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Ridgeway has a vast range of complementary products that offer the best value in solving work at height related issues. With engineering capabilities for design and the best trained teams of installers, the company can offer loading platforms, temporary edge protection and site access stairs.

Ridgeway’s strategic partnership with Conquip has opened a vast range of new products to the company that align perfectly with its work at height capabilities. Conquip CantiDecks are a temporary loading platform that extend from a building structure to allow materials and equipment to be loaded in and out of the building safely.

The CantiDeck system is the fastest loading bay for relocation and installation, with a high working load capacity to enable loading of a wide variety of materials. Onsite training enables site operatives to relocate the platforms safely and efficiently.

Ridgeway is also now stocking Combisafe Escalib, one of the fastest and simplest stair towers on the market. For applications where there are space constraints, such as city centres, lift shafts and roads between carriageways, the Combisafe Escalib is a quick and cost-effective stair tower solution.

The Combisafe Steel Mesh Barrier system has been the forerunner in edge protection for two decades. Originally developed to offer an alternative safety system in the most challenging construction environments, it is now the most widely used name in formalised edge protection. With a vast array of different attachments, Combisafe SMB can offer edge protection solutions for all requirements.

Combisafe also supplies the Safety Net Fan which is the latest innovation in high-rise fall protection and is ideally suited to compact inner-city locations where space is at a premium. This system provides collective protection from falling objects and ensures that potential hazards to the general public and site operatives are vastly reduced.

Ridgeway has specialist trained and experienced Pro Rigger Squads who have extensive experience in the safe assembly, use and dismantling of a wide range of access systems.

Its Access and Safety Store is
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Recognising the construction industry has a vital part to play in an economic recovery, PERI Ireland has launched a 4-step plan to help customers adapt to the new CIF Standard Operating Procedures in the Irish construction industry over the coming months.

The safety of its customers and staff has been considered in great detail when adapting ways of working, ensuring that all operations comply within the guidelines for the foreseeable future.
PERI is uniquely positioned in its sector in providing products and services to help customers safely continue on site with formwork and scaffold operations. Aligning with PERI’s long-term vision of making construction safer and more efficient, a number of product ranges are ideally placed to help customers:
1. Work in small teams of just 2 workers through efficient and light systems
2. Achieve social distancing of 2m or more
3. Work efficiently with labour and skills shortages
4. Provide overall risk reduction through more efficient working practices
The 4-step customer support plan comprises 1) the continual availability of products and support services throughout Ireland 2) helping customers to adapt to new safe working practices 3) ensuring customers use the right products efficiently, and 4) advanced planning to help prepare for a recovery.

Through these stages the company says it will work closely and responsibly with its customers, helping the industry ‘get through this together’.
One of first changes is how it has adapted the essential product support and guidance its customers receive.

PERI will be showcasing how products can specifically aid work within the new guidelines. Its PERI UP scaffolding, DUO and SKYDECK product demonstration videos, for example, show how the systems can be erected safely by one person under supervision, complying with social distancing guidelines.

This latest round of adaptive measures follows earlier arrangements to ensure its workforce both working from home and those at its Dublin depot can do so within social distancing provisions.

Managing Director for PERI Ireland, Colm McHugh remarked:
“Rapid adoption of digital tools has enabled us to continue providing the service our customers need to keep their sites operational. Resources like our product demonstration videos or our new Quicksolve planner tool have been implemented so that our customers can adapt to change, safely and efficiently. Further information about these resources is available on our website at”



Actavo Hire & Sales are delighted to be now offering their new Galvanised BRIO modular Scaffold ring system by ULMA through our branches nationwide.

We have Galvanised and painted kwikstage available also through our branches in Dublin, Galway & Cork

Whether it’s Formwork, Scaffolding, Edge protection or traffic managed products Actavo have it all.

Contact us today for any requirements you may have.



We produce a comprehensive range of cold rollformed cable management products, systems and accessories, including cable trunking, cable trays, cable ladders and accessories, and channel supports, with solutions suitable for light, medium and heavy duty installations.

Cable trunking

Our steel cable trunking products are supplied in standard 3 metre lengths consisting of body, quick-fix lid, coupler and screws, and feature smooth return edges for increased strength and rigidity. Single and multi-compartment configurations are available and trunking can be supplied in pre- and post-galvanised, and stainless steel options.

A full range of accessories is available including bends, tees, intersections, reducers, hangers, and more.

Cable tray systems

We produce a wide range of high quality, durable metal cable and pipework support system with a choice of cable trays suitable for light, medium and heavy duty installations. All of our cable tray systems are designed for quick and easy installation. This flexibility is further enhanced by a slot pattern that is designed to accept nuts, bolts and cable ties.

Accessories include bends, tees, intersections, and reducers, and all can be fixed to the cable tray without couplers.

Cable ladders

Our cable ladder range consists of four types, Light (75 mm sides), Medium (100 mm), Heavy (125 mm) and Extra Heavy Duty (150 mm). Products are available in choice of galvanised finishes as well as stainless steel. A complete range of accessories is available including bends, tees, intersections, cable ladder supports and reducers.

Channel supports

We produce a comprehensive range of cold rollformed industrial channel supports in several different gauges. These are available in configurations to suit all applications, and load tables can be provided on request. These supports are available in standard 3 and 6 metre lengths, with finishes including pre- and post-galvanised, hot-rolled and stainless steel.

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Neolith® Mont Blanc specified by leading French chef throughout his conceptual dining venue
Food holds particular significance for renowned chef Pierre Sang. Born in South Korea, he was adopted by a Parisian family at seven years old. Cooking played a major role in his integration into French society.

Mont Blanc worktops at Le Loft, Paris, France

With a 60-strong workforce with 10 different nationalities, social and gastronomic diversity is central to Sang’s approach, emphasising his worldly personality. This is underpinned with a deep-felt sense of community, shared by the teams across his five restaurants in Paris’s fashionable 11th arrondissement.

Building on the success of his celebrated flagship restaurant, Pierre Sang in Oberkampf, he recently launched Le Loft, an informal space dedicated to private dining and events. Specifically designed to evoke the feeling of home entertaining, the restaurateur wanted to create a soft and cosy, welcoming space overflowing with hospitality.

Mont Blanc worktops at Le Loft, Paris, France

Sang wanted Le Loft’s décor to evoke the precision, refinement and variety of his cuisine. This applied to everything from walls, floors and ceilings to furniture, fixtures and fittings. Everything had to be of the highest quality, but equally subtle and without bombast.

As such, the surfaces were a particularly important consideration as they would dictate the overall diner experience of Le Loft, setting the tone throughout the rest of the space.

Having previously shied away from Carrara marble-style worktops, which he felt were aesthetically cold and unsuitable for the requirements of a professional kitchen, Sang had a change of heart when he was introduced to Neolith® and one of its latest patterns, Mont Blanc.

Mont Blanc worktops at Le Loft, Paris, France

Specified for Le Loft’s central kitchen island, worktops and splashbacks, Mont Blanc is a homage to white quartzite. It possesses an enrapturing neutral palette, combining a creamy white background with gentle veining in deep black, oxide and ochre hues. Using a special technique, Neolith has created an inward relief exactly where the veins are, delivering an unusual texture which is pleasing to the touch.

Mont Blanc worktops at Le Loft, Paris, France

The Mont Blanc surfaces create an exciting design dialogue with the other interior elements in Le Loft. The central island pleasantly contrasts with a plain polished concrete floor and varnished wood cabinetry. Bold and vibrant abstract art adds dynamic pops of colour immediately catching the eyes of venue guests.

Further demonstrating Neolith’s performance potential, Chef Sang recently prepared one of his signature creations directly on the surface. Using vividly coloured sauces and brightly pigmented edible flowers, which would stain most unpolished worktops, he showcased how the Sintered Stone could serve as a canvas for this artistry to then be wiped spotlessly clean, unblemished and ready for his next masterpiece.

Commenting on Neolith, Sang says, “These surfaces, aside from their quiet, understated beauty, are top performers in a professional kitchen. They are hygienic, hard-wearing and easy to clean. Furthermore, as a chef, I am a highly tactile person and the smoothness of the Sintered Stone is tangible, enhanced by a delicate silk finish.”



MotoCut is safer and up to five times faster.

A new-generation hydraulically-driven cutter for concrete piles that is safer and up to five times faster than traditional methods has been launched, and is now available in Ireland through hire specialists Groundforce.

The MotoCut Q-350S pile cutter, which features twin diamond 500mm-diameter circular cutting blades, can be attached to an excavator via a quick hitch system and operated from the safety of the cabin, eliminating the risks associated with falling piles, dust or HAVS (Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome).

Fully self-contained, the futuristic pile cutter works with any 13 to 30-tonne hydraulic excavator with a hydraulic line system. It is easy to handle and in trials operators have quickly adapted to the new method of working.

Joseph Lenihan, general manager for Groundforce, said: “ We are pleased to exclusively bring MotoCut to the rental market, adding to our already extensive attachments offering. From conversations with our diverse customer base we can see many benefits to using this piece of equipment.

“It will negate the need to consider HAVS which can be a concern when breaking down piles traditionally and also offers advantages around productivity, operator safety and dust control as well as greater flexibility compared to traditional pile breaking.”

MotoCut is capable of cutting square piles between 180mm and 350mm diameter as well as rectangular and circular ones.

The system includes a Tiltrotator which as its name implies, allows the MotoCut pile cutter to rotate and tilt, providing excellent manoeuvrability and versatility. Once a pile is cut, the MotoCut can then transport the off-cut to the desired location.

The complete unit is delivered to site fully-assembled and attached to the excavator via a standard quick hitch adaptor. The required cutting cycle is pre-set by Groundforce specialists who brief site personnel on its use.

The pile cutter and Tiltrotator, including hydraulic connections, electrics and water supply, is installed and commissioned by Groundforce, part of Vp plc. Groundforce also decommissions and removes the equipment after use.

A two-minute video showing the MotoCut in action is available to watch on YouTube


Perfect partnership between AMS and MMD

AMS would like to congratulate MMD on the great news for the company, for Cork and for the construction industry, with the opening of its new €6 million headquarters in the Airport Business Park in Cork and the announcement of job opportunities for the industry.

MMD and AMS have collaborated on projects for one another in recent times to create quality, functional and innovative projects. MMD was chosen as the main contractors for AMS during the expansion of its plant. MMD completed recent building works, including the construction of AMS’ new warehousing and press building, expanding its facility to 250,000 sq. ft. Subsequent to this development AMS was delighted when MMD decided to choose AMS systems for its new headquarters. AMS was pleased to offer its AMS MU800 Hi Curtain Walling, AMS TS66 Rebate doors and window systems and AMS Athena Window Adaptors for Kingspan Panels for the development of MMD’s thermally efficient and stylish HQ. The MU800 Hi Curtain Wall System is the latest offering available from AMS. It is a high-performance mullion drained system offering sightlines of 55 mm, allowing greater spans and accommodating larger glazed units, making for impressive features and maximising light.

The TS66 Rebated Door offers excellent performance characteristics, making it one of the more versatile and robust door systems on the market today. Modern methods of construction call for a fast and speedy fabrication process of systems and installation on site and this is where the AMS Athena Window Adaptors for Kingspan Panels were utilised effectively. The MMD office development utilises the Kingspan insulated panel system which is built up around the main structural steelwork frame. Quality products, reliability and performance are very important to both MMD and AMS. This recent collaboration reinforces the company values at AMS, who commented: “We look forward to many more occasions where MMD and AMS work collaboratively to provide the highest quality building solutions into the future.”



Sintered Stone brand teams up with CB Stone-Tec for exclusive range of outdoor fireplaces

Today, Neolith®, a market-leading brand of Sintered Stone, announces an exclusive collaboration with premium fireplace manufacturer CB Stone-Tech, neocube-o.

Born from a mutual appreciation of each Neocompany’s innovative, forward-thinking and dynamic approaches, neocube-o is an outdoor gas fireplace developed to establish new dimensions in design, workmanship and material diversity.

The chic fireplace combines high quality gas firing technology in stainless steel and Schott glass with an elegant, Neolith-clad base. With a striking visual appearance, neocube-o is a sophisticated style statement, guaranteed to catch the eye.

Manufactured in Germany to rigorously high standards, premium quality is at the essence of the system.

neocube-o is solely for outdoor use and is suitable for all gas types. The fireplace has the further advantage of being easy to move, set on four discreet rollers with a brake for fixing in position. This offers a welcome degree of flexibility as it can be quickly repositioned in an outdoor area according to specific requirements.

neocube-o is currently offered in 13 of Neolith’s most popular colours, including the award-winning La Bohème and Zaha Stone, as well as the brand’s latest patterns, New York – New York, Mont Blanc and Sofia Cuprum. It is available for purchase in Germany, Austria, Italy France, UK, Switzerland, Poland, Spain and The Netherlands, rolling out further across Europe imminently and internationally over the next 6-9 months.

Commenting on the collaboration Lorenz Gegler, CB Stone-Tec sales director, says: “Our clients are always looking for solutions which seamlessly balance form and function. A robust, reliable product is as important, if not more so, as one which looks great. This is especially the case for anything which needs to withstand the elements such as outdoor furniture and sculptural installations.”

He continues, “We tested many different surface materials when designing neocube-o and found Neolith to be the one which perfectly matched the high-end fireplace system we manufacture. A simple design with clean lines, it has a quiet, understated beauty and can act as much as a standalone item as an important background player in any outdoor space. We look forward to a long and fruitful partnership with the Neolith team, and the success of our neocube-o collaboration.”

For more information on neocube-o please visit: