According to reports, concerns have been raised about issues at high-rise construction sites in Dublin. Reports say an investigation has been launched into a mystery problem at the €300 million Google site at Bolands Mills. Developers have not specified what exactly the issue is, but they have moved to ensure local reps that it does not pose a threat to the public’s safety. Sources have also said that an issue with the concrete used at the Salesforce development in the Docklands has also been identified and remedied by developers. Labour Senator Kevin Humphreys says Dublin City Council needs to act on the reports.

“I would seek to have Dublin City Council visiting these sites next week to ascertain what the problems are and that there is no risk in relation to the long-term of these buildings,” said Mr Humphreys. We have to make sure that any buildings that are going up in our city are of high quality and that they are not a risk in the future either to the staff that are there or the residents that will be living in the apartment blocks.”

Denise Maguire        
Editor of Irish Construction Industry Magazine