The housing crisis and infrastructure gaps were the focus at the recently held CIF Annual Conference in Croke Park. The annual conference follows CIF’s recent Pre-Budget 2020 submission, which highlighted the extension of the Help to Buy scheme as top of the agenda for budget day next week.

CIF is calling for an extension of the Help to Buy scheme in particular, as many housebuilders have reported that between 40% and 80% of homes sold to first time buyers are currently enabled by the Help to Buy Scheme. The measure is considered the most effective intervention by Government by Irish housebuilders in terms of enabling housing supply. Pat Lucey, CIF President, said at the conference: “Developing effective collaboration between the state and the construction industry is essential for the delivery of large-scale infrastructure and of course housing delivery. We are on the road so to speak but we are not there yet. There are too many blockages in the system that we must work together to resolve. I’ve grouped these challenges under four headings that I call the 4 Ps of construction. These are: People, Procurement, Productivity and Planning. I’ve recently added a fifth P that I now see has a huge impact on delivery and that is Politics. It’s a simple fact that there is widespread interest in what construction delivers – the houses, the work places, the utilities, the transport links, the hospitals, the schools – but there is much less interest in how they are delivered. So, we must explain the reality of construction to politicians and the civil service, and indeed the public, relentlessly”.

Denise Maguire        
Editor of Irish Construction Industry Magazine

Email: denise@mcdmedia.ie