Popular amongst those in the construction trade, Grant’s free of charge home heating design service is helping those working on new build and retrofit projects save time and have the property’s full heating requirements designed and quoted under one roof. On receipt of planning drawings, the Grant technical team will carry out full room by room heat loss calculations based on SR:50 guidelines, which prove compliance with Part L building regulations for new builds and ensures NZEB (nearly zero-energy building) standards are met. This is followed by the specification of correctly sized heating technologies based on the heat load for each individual room including the main heat source required for the property and identification of appropriate supporting technologies namely hot water storage and modern heat emitters.

Commenting on the heating design service Barry Gorman, National Renewable Sales Manager said: “We are pleased to be able to help architects, engineers and builders throughout the country who are working on or planning new build and deep retrofit projects save time with this service. In addition to providing room by room heat loss calculations and specifying the best suited heating products for the property, our team will work alongside the project specifier to ensure from a heating perspective the Energy Performance Coefficient (EPC), the Carbon Performance Coefficient (CPC) and that 20% of the total energy use of buildings is sourced from renewables are all achieved.”

In addition to helping those working on new build and retrofit projects to save time, Grant’s home heating design service also gives peace of mind to know that the exact heating requirements of the property are being met. This in turn results in reduced carbon emissions and greater long-term savings for the property owner. 

Technical insight and the careful combination of heating technologies and smart controls from Grant’s Multiple Package Solutions ensures that the heating solution is tailored specifically for the new-build or retrofit property, bringing it into a new class of efficiency.

Denise Maguire   Editor of Irish Construction Industry Magazine