Construction projects get more and more challenging, but at the same time they have to be completed more rapidly and more economically. Sacrificing safety, however, is wholly unacceptable.

The current safety regulations in the slab-formworking sector only conditionally satisfy the requirements for occupational health and safety and ergonomics. The FreeFalcon system is a new addition to Doka Ireland’s existing range of safety systems and offers an innovative way for contractors to handle safety where collective protection at drop-off edges on construction sites is not possible.

How does the system work?
The mobile personal fall arrest system offers the user the ability to move freely 360̊ around the unit. In the event of a fall, the safety unit trips and the extension arm retracts to draw the anchor point for the safety harness lower to the centre of gravity and prevent the individual reaching the ground.

The system is available for rental and purchase from Doka and comes in two versions; the FreeFalcon – for standard formwork and carpentry type applications and the FreeFalcon PPC – specially developed for use on pre-cast sectional slabs with rebar elements. Both versions have the ability to be moved around the working deck by either pallet truck or crane. The system is not cast into the structure itself and as a result, fewer individual units are required at each level and no designing or installing of devices are required prior to use compared to some more traditional methods.

Systematic safety
Safety is a key consideration for any construction site and industry demands have driven great changes to incorporate better health and safety, as well as improved productivity. The FreeFalcon mobile fall protection system has been designed to meet these industry changes, with the system enabling contractors to continue to undertake construction work where no collective fall prevention is possible as safely as possible. Doka brings a professional approach to safety that runs all the way from product development to safety consulting, and to its range of safety products and services. Working with high levels of safety brings a number of significant benefits. Some of these include reduced risk of accidents, higher efficiency resulting from more productive workflows and enhanced employee morale.

Doka delivers direct to site
The fall arrest system seemed a fitting addition to Doka’s extensive range of products due to having a large customer base heavily focused in the high-rise and concrete frame construction sector. This gives customers the option to rent or purchase from one supplier which can reduce complexities in some areas – one including logistics.

The system is easy to handle and can be ready for use almost immediately as no anchoring to the structure is required. In addition to this, no placing, installation work or costs for anchoring and no effects on the structure is applied. Therefore, the units can be transferred from truck to site and ready for use almost immediately once the site team have been trained on the system.

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Denise Maguire        
Editor of Irish Construction Industry Magazine