Tormax as a name may not be as well known with Irish architects as it is across Europe but it is far from a newcomer to the market – Tormax installed Europe’s first automatic door in 1951.

Tormax has grown to become a leading manufacturer of automatic door systems worldwide with 16 Group companies and 500 distributors. They have selected KCC Architectural as their partner and official distributor in the Irish market which will serve as a valuable addition to the existing Automatics division of KCC Architectural across Ireland and Northern Ireland. Tormax automatic door systems are found in office buildings, shopping malls, hotels and restaurants, department stores, airports and train stations, on ships and in apartment buildings – in short, in hundreds of thousands of buildings around the world.

In general, revolving doors are the automated entrance of choice in public-serving buildings where footfall is high and therefore a high quality, resilient product is required to withstand heavy usage, and also to allow for effective air or wind control, which can sometimes be an issue with automatic sliding or swing doors.
Dan Kilpatrick, Automatics consultant for KCC Architectural is working with Tormax in Ireland and says “What really appealed to us about Tormax is that the product solution can be customised to the project requirements. It fits in with our company ethos – we already provide tailored solutions across our main divisions that encompass everything from design through to installation and aftercare, so when we were looking for a revolving door solution to add to our portfolio, Tormax was the obvious choice.”

While other brands have dominated the revolving door market with architects for many years now on commercial projects, Tormax appears to be emerging as the eagerly anticipated alternative, providing a high quality, cost-effective opponent to other market offerings.

Speaking about the product benefits and features, Dan says “Our ambition is to provide streamlined complete solutions to clients, architects and main contractors alike, which we are able to do thanks to our wide product range and wealth of experience across all sectors. We can take a simple commercial building sketch, for example, and provide a full technical submittal with all certification and back up documentation for automatics, fire glazing, steel doors, riser door systems, access control systems, movable walls, partitions, signage, door hardware and ironmongery. We also offer full service and maintenance support even after the project has been handed over to the client. We looked at numerous options before deciding on the Tormax brand. After careful research, we identified Tormax as being one of the main players in the European revolving door market, and knew it was the right fit for our portfolio.”

In line with modern architectural design preferences for extremely minimalistic profiles, Tormax offers a ‘Light frame’ or ‘Full glass’ revolving door solution, whereby the drive/motor is concealed in the floor, in addition to the more traditional design with the motor in the canopy. The full glass model is particularly eye-catching as it operates without a centre column, offering complete transparency. The inclusion of iMotion drive technology allows for smooth acceleration and braking of the door leaves without any jolts.

“We are so confident with the high quality of product and technical support provided by Tormax that we are prepared to offer 2 years aftercare support and a 5 year motor warranty through our own service division across Ireland and Northern Ireland”, says John O’Gorman, Associate Director and head of Automatics in the Leinster region.

When asked about his expectations for Tormax, John says “We are well known for our automatics division and the addition of Tormax to our portfolio paired with the peace of mind that you’re still dealing with KCC, will be welcomed by existing and new clients alike.”

KCC Architectural’s team in Ireland and Northern Ireland can assist with construction projects from initial design stage straight through to on-site installation. They are well known for their multi-divisional, ‘full package’ solutions and their efforts to simplify the lives of architects, contractors and designers through continuous product and service innovations and developments.